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Officer Club Duty Manager

Kadena Air Base, Okinawa

Responsibilities and Duties

The duty manager is responsible for the general upkeep of the organization’s facilities, including storage areas, offices and the basement. Responsible for the general cleanliness and tidiness of the offices and other facilities. Therefore, she ensures regular servicing of the organization's facilities. Addresses problems immediately as they arise when she is on duty. Meets with top management and keeps them informed about the running of the organization, problem areas and recommendations. Handles complaints from clients. Covers for other duty managers when they are off or on sick leave. Oversees security issues and ensures safe locking of the organization's facilities and resources.

Night Shift:  1730 to Closing 

Okinawa: 098-978-3054
Misawa: 090-7586-4400
Yokosuka: 080-6490-3054

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