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Okinawa, Japan · Computer/Software

Okinawa Freelance – Is 100% free for the next 6 months to buyers and sellers

Our focus is to support the needs of the Military Troops that need services while stationed in Japan.
Okinawa Freelance vision is to find a simple way to allow buyers and sellers to work on projects together on a trusted platform while stationed overseas in Japan.
Getting Started!
  • First - go to My Profile and add your Public Profile Name and Public Upload Profile Picture
  • Next - choose 1 Payment option, Link Bank Debit Account, Primary Credit Card, or PayPal
  • Final - link US bank account or PayPal for fund withdrawal
  • Now – Go to Seller or Buyer and Post a Service or Job Postings
Seller - Post your Service
  • Click on Post Your Services and complete all steps
  • Access to list of all your available services
  • Edit, Deactivate, Social Medial Share and Delete your services
  • Post as many service as you can provide
Buyer – Job Postings
  • You can post as many jobs for freelancers to review and send you offers or messages
  • You can review freelancers’ bids/offers and go to Oki-Freelance Offers and search available service that matches your job posting.
  • You can Edit, Deactivate, Social Media Share and Delete your Job Posting

We need:

1. Computer Freelancers

2. Graphics & Design Freelancers
3. Video & Animation Freelancers
4. Programming & Tech Freelancers
5. Digital Marketing Freelancers
6. Music & Audio Freelancers
7. Writing & Translation Freelancers
8. Business Freelancers
9. Fun & Lifestyle Freelancers

Okinawa: 098-978-3054
Misawa: 090-7586-4400
Yokosuka: 080-6490-3054

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