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ベースマネージャー(Base Program Manager - Yokota)

Yokota AB, Fussa

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On Time Staffingでのチームへの参加をご検討ください。私たちは、セールス、交渉、コミュニケーション、問題解決能力に優れ、ダイナミックなビジネス環境で成功するための「ベースマネージャー」を求めています。部門ディレクターに報告するあなたは、以下の主な責任に焦点を当てます。
福利厚生: •包括的なトレーニングが提供されます •フルタイムのポジション •競争力のある報酬 •健康保険と年金制度 •年に2回のボーナス
応募条件: •基本的な英語力が必要です •学び、挑戦を受け入れる意欲がある方
応募は今すぐ、お電話で: 098-978-3054 または 090-829-29431
Email: social@on-timegroup.com

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On-Base Program Manager 

Join our team at On Time Staffing as we seek a driven Base Staffing Manager to thrive dealing with American on-base manager in sales, negotiation, communication, and problem-solving within a dynamic business environment. As you report to the Division Director, you will focus on these key responsibilities:


  • Comprehensive Training Provided
  • Full-Time Position
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Health Insurance and Pension Plans
  • Bonuses twice a year


  • Basic English Skills Required
  • Willingness to Learn and Embrace Challenges
  1. Client Development:

  • Conduct proactive sales calls and engage in face-to-face meetings with key decision-makers, ranging from managers to senior-level executives, to introduce our services and nurture existing client relationships.
  • Negotiate billing rates and conversion fees with clients to ensure mutually beneficial agreements.
  1. Candidate Development:

  • Identify and attract top-tier local professionals for various opportunities, including temporary, project-based, and temporary-to-hire positions.
  • Maintain regular and meaningful communication with candidates, providing professional career guidance and support throughout their journey.

If you meet the above minimum requirements, please apply today!
Contact us if you have any questions and we will give you a call. 
Email: social@on-timegroup.com
Call: 098-978-3054 

Unfortunately, we do not sponsor Work Visas in Japan.

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Okinawa: 098-978-3054
Misawa: 080-6491-4400
Yokota: 090-6866-4400

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