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医療専門家 (US Military Hospitals Japan)

Japan Wide, OCONUS
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2. 現在の場所
  • 労働カテゴリー
  • 行動健康最適化プログラム(BHOP)プロバイダー
  • BHOP<社会福祉士>
  • ケースマネージャー<登録看護師>
  • ケースマネージャー<登録看護師>
  • ケースマネージャー登録看護師
  • 小児精神科医
  • 明瞭で判読可能な結果技術者(CLR)
  • 臨床看護師/教育者(DRT)
  • 臨床心理士(DMH)
  • ED Physician Assistant (DMS)
  • 緊急医療部登録看護師(DMS)
  • 家族支援看護師(登録看護師)
  • 家族支援アウトリーチマネージャー
  • 家族支援プログラムアシスタント
  • 家族支援治療マネージャー(FATM)(SW)
  • 感染予防専門家
  • 感染予防専門家<登録看護師>
  • 産科看護師<登録看護師>
  • 授乳コンサルタント<登録看護師またはその他>
  • 許可された実用看護師/LVN
  • 許可された実用看護師/LVN Covid Team Nurse
  • 許可された実用看護師
  • LVN(DMS)
  • 医療検査技師(MLS)
  • 看護師プラクティショナー
  • 産婦人科医
  • 外来登録看護師(DMS)
  • 小児科PA/NP
  • 薬剤師(DMS)
  • 薬剤師(DCSS)
  • 理学療法士
  • 理学療法士
  • 理学療法士(DCSS)
  • 紹介管理センター(RMC)看護師<実用看護師/LVN>
  • 登録看護師ケースマネージャー佐世保(BHC)
  • 登録看護師MIU
  • SNC<登録看護師または社会福祉士>
  • 特別ニーズコーディネーター(SNC)
  • 利用マネージャー(UM)<登録看護師>
  • 利用マネージャー(UM)<登録看護師>
  • 行動健康技術者佐世保(BHC)
  • 利益相互サービス担当者(BSR)
  • コールセンター予約クラーク
  • フロントデスククラーク医療事務クラーク(DMS)
  • フロントデスク医療事務クラーク予防接種クリニック(DPH)
  • 研究所フロントデスク医療事務クラーク(DCSS)
  • 研究所技術者(DCSS)
  • 研究所技術者
  • リードマンモグラフィテクニシャン(DCSS)
  • 海兵隊センタードメディカルホームサポート
  • 医療アシスタント(DMS)
  • 医療アシスタント(DMS)
  • 医療アシスタント(DMS)
  • オキュパショナルヘルス厚木の医療アシスタント(BHC)
  • 医療アシスタント厚木(BHC)
  • 医療ア

Various medical positions

Location: Various U.S. military bases (based on your current location)

We are looking for medical professionals who want to work on U.S. military bases in Yokota, Misawa, Kadena, Yokosuka, Atsugi and Sasebo.  If you qualify for any of the positions below, please apply or send us your resume.

Please include
1. (1 PDF File) Resume, Degree, Professional License, Transcripts, 
2. Your Current location

*Unfortunately, we do not provide a Visa. Please have a Work Visa, SOFA Status, or Spouse Visa (Japanese spouse)

Labor Categories
Behavioral Health Optimization Program (BHOP) Provider  
BHOP <Social Worker>
Case Manager <Registered Nurse>
Case Manager <Registered Nurse>
Case Manager Registered Nurse
Child Psychologist
Clear & Legible Result Technician (CLR)
Clinical Nurse/Educator (DRT)
Clinical Psychologist (DMH)
ED Physician Assistant (DMS)
Emergency Department Registered Nurse (DMS)
Family Advocacy Nurse (Registered Nurse)
Family Advocacy Outreach Manager
Family Advocacy Program Assistant
Family Advocacy Treatment Manager (FATM) (SW)
Infection Preventionist
Infection Preventionist <Registered Nurse>
L&D Nurse <Registered Nurse>
Lactation Consultant <Registered Nurse or other>
Licensed Practical Nurse/LVN
Licensed Practical Nurse/LVN Covid Team Nurse
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)
Nurse Practitioner
OBGYN Physician
Outpatient Registered Nurse (DMS)
Pediatric PA/NP
Pharmacist (DMS)
Pharmacists (DCSS)
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist (DCSS)
Referral Management Center (RMC) Nurse <Licensed Practical Nurse/LVN>
Registered Nurse Case Manager Sasebo (BHC)
Registered Nurse MIU
SNC <Registered Nurse or Social Worker>
Special Needs Coordinator (SNC)
Utilization Manager (UM) <Registered Nurse>
Utilization Manager (UM) <Registered Nurse>
Behavioral Health Technician Sasebo (BHC)
Beneficiary Service Representative (BSR)
Call Center Appointment Line Clerks
Front Desk Clerk Medical Office Clerk (DMS)
Front Desk Medical Office Clerk Immunizations Clinic (DPH)
Laboratory Front Desk Medical Office Clerk (DCSS)
Laboratory Technician (DCSS)
Laboratory Technician
Lead Mammography Technician (DCSS)
Marine Centered Medical Home Support
Medical Assistant (DMS)
Medical Assistant (DMS)
Medical Assistant (DMS)
Medical Assistant at Occ Health Atsugi (BHC)
Medical Assistant Atsugi (BHC)
Medical Assistant Sasebo (BHC)
Medical Assistant, MedHome
Medical Coder
Medical Home Clerical Support
Medical Office Clerk (DDS)
Medical Support Assistant (DCSS)
Medical Translator
Mental Health Administrative Support
Optometry Administrative Support
Pharmacy Technician (DCSS)
Pharmacy Technician
Physical Therapy Technician Sasebo (BHC)
Primary Care Receptionist Atsugi (BHC)
PT Assistant (DCSS)
Referral Clerk
Referral Management Center (RMC) Admin and Clerk
Referral Management Center (RMC) Clerk
SARP Admin Assistant (DMH)
Supply Technician Material Mana Assistant (DFA)
Supply Technician Material Mana Assistant Atsugi (BHC)
Systems Specialist- AHLTA/CHCS
Ultrasound Technician (DCSS)
X-Ray Technician (DCSS)

If you meet the above minimum requirements, please apply today! Contact us if you have any questions and we will give you a call. 

Email: social@on-timegroup.com
Call: 098-978-3054 

Contact us Today!
Okinawa: 098-978-3054
Misawa: 080-6491-4400
Yokota: 090-6866-4400

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