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Protestant Religious Education Coordinator

Misawa, Chapel
1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES/GENERAL INFORMATION. Non-personal service. The Protestant Religious Education Coordinator (hereafter referred to as ‘the Contractor’), is tasked with the responsibility for planning, organizing, and coordinating the Protestant Religious Education (RE) Program for Misawa Air Base Chapel. This includes but is not limited to: programming for children, youth, adult Bible studies/small group ministries, men and women ministries, Vacation Bible School, and seasonal activities. The Contractor must be able to coordinate the delivery of such programming in a dynamic setting that can change throughout the year, and remain responsive to operational requirements, and flexible to needs assessment results conducted annually. The Contractor will provide or provide for all administrative duties required to successfully execute the Protestant RE program. This will include volunteer recruitment and management, as well as training and supervision for all volunteers involved in the Protestant RE program. The Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE) for this contract is the Wing Chaplain, or his/her designee. The QAE consults with the Contract Officer for any contract related questions or issues regarding contractor compliance with this Performance Work Statement (PWS).

1.1. Qualifications.
1.1.1. The Contractor must provide either previous experience as a Protestant RE Coordinator through resume and reference letters, or satisfactory demonstration of an ability to fulfill the duties listed in this PWS.
1.1.2. The Contractor must have a broad knowledge of Protestant religious education and teachings.
1.1.3. Contractor personnel must be able to work in a religiously pluralistic environment, and have a willingness to work with people of diverse faith expressions.
1.1.4. Contractor personnel must have intermediate computer skills to include the use of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Suite programs (e.g. Word, Power Point, Excel and Publisher), with the willingness to seek skill improvement, and possess adequate skill to maintain social media profiles associated with the Parish life cycle.
1.1.5. The Contractor must be able to clearly communicate in English, and conduct administrative requirements in verbal and written clarity as necessary.
1.1.6. Contractor personnel must be comfortable conducting research to identify and procure required materials for religious education programming, whether from local or distant markets (e.g. those in the US) despite the challenges of language, location, or time.
1.1.7. The Contractor must be able to develop and manage a budget with multiple accounting line items from within an excel spreadsheet.
1.1.8. The Contractor must be able to recruit, coordinate, supervise, and train volunteers.
1.1.9. The Contractor must be able to interact with the public and external agencies and offices in a timely, professional, and courteous manner.
1.1.10. Contractor personnel must preserve any confidential issues perceived, whether seen or heard, within the Chapel facilities or staff interactions, and be able to have a professional working relationship with Chapel staff, the Protestant community, and other personnel to perform duties.
1.1.11. The Contractor must be able to display moral and upright behavior, appearance, and proper standards of conduct at all times, whether in person, correspondence, or via social media.
1.1.12. Contractor personnel must successfully pass a security background investigation involving the following agencies for working with youth under 18: an AF Form 2583 (REQUEST FOR PERSONNEL SECURITY ACTION), an FBI fingerprint check, and an Installation Records Check (IRC). An IRC includes: Security Police, Drug & Alcohol Program screening, Family

Housing, Medical Treatment for Family Advocacy Intervention, and a Central Registry and Mental Health review. (NOTE: Contractor personnel who receive an unfavorable criminal background check status will not be allowed to perform under this contract.)
1.1.13. The Contractor will comply with all Department of Defense (DoD) directives, Air Force Instructions (AFI), and Misawa Chaplain Corps Operating Instructions.
1.2. Technical Skill Requirement.
1.2.1. The Contractor will participate in the orientation and training of newly assigned personnel, to include but not limited to: interface with social media resources (such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), without assistance; access, create folders/files, upload, and download resources via SharePoint; manage a computer filing system without assistance; possess or gain proficiency with web-based assessment tools (such as: Survey Monkey, Google forms, or others selected by the QAE); the ability to create templates, and alter layout and design features of key documents, toward the creation of bulletins and flyers in Microsoft Word; the creation of slides with timed transition elements, imbedded video and sound elements, and the ability to manipulate the Slide Master in PowerPoint; the use of work sheets and formula associations, and the ability to generate and manipulate excel tables, pivot charts and pivot tables for monthly, quarterly and annual data management and reporting in Excel; and the creation of fliers, bulletins, newsletters, and other common products in Publisher.

1.3. Duties.
1.3.1. Planning. The Contractor is responsible for design and delivery of an annual budget for all projected Religious Education (RE) supplies for the following fiscal year by 01 May. All elements of the budget will comply with AFI 52-105, Chaplain Corps Resourcing. The Contractor is responsible to develop a budget in consultation with the QAE and the Chapel Tithes and Offerings (CTOF) Account Manager, fully aligned with the annual Airman Ministry Plan (AMP). The Contractor is responsible to coordinate all recurring/non-recurring CTOF purchase requests and facility requests related to RE through the QAE and the CTOF Account Manager. If the position becomes vacant, the Contractor will provide a substitute(s) of equal or higher proficiency, who meets requirements and is able to perform the services described in this PWS, with approval by the CO, QAE, and NCOIC at least 14 business days in advance of proposed absence. The Contractor is responsible for payment to the subcontractor. The Contractor will coordinate with the CO, QAE, and NCOIC at least 30 business days in advance of proposed leave.

Okinawa: 098-978-3054
Misawa: 090-7586-4400
Yokosuka: 080-6490-3054

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