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Volleyball Referee

Kadena AB, Okinawa

Volleyball Referee Job
To accomplish their primary goal of officiating sporting events, Referees are responsible for completing several tasks. We have reviewed several job listings and other sources and found the following among the core Referee duties and responsibilities.
Oversee Games
The main role of a Referee is to make sure that the rules of the game they are officiating are being followed by all players. A Referee will explain rules as needed and ensure that all participants understand these rules. Referees make calls regarding when these rules are broken and assess penalties. Referees will stop games as needed to review plays and might use videos to determine if a call has been made correctly.
Track Time of Events
In most cases, games or sporting competitions play out over a determined amount of time. It is typically up to the Referee to indicate the start and end of a game and to keep track of the time throughout the event. It is up to the Referee to decide if a game needs more than the allotted time to complete.
Inspect Equipment
Referees will usually conduct an inspection of equipment to make sure that it all meets the specifications of the organizations in which the games are being played. This might include checking the pressure of balls in football games or the types of bats used in Little League games. They will also inspect equipment to ensure it meets all safety standards.

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