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Yokota AB, Fussa
On Time Staffing Group is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business government contracting firm supporting the United States Government overseas in Japan.  We are seeking to hire PROTESTANT DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION - Yokota AB

Requirements Below: American and Japaneses Candidates are welcome!

Directs, advises and coordinates Religious Education (RE) for the Yokota Protestant
Community. The DRE consults and coordinates with the Protestant Chaplain on all religious education requirements for the Protestant community. The Contractor shall assist the Protestant chaplain in the administration of the parish office and to attend to the facilitating of parish and chapel processes and procedures. The Contractor shall coordinate the entire Protestant religious education program with the Wing Chaplain, Protestant chaplain and NCOIC/Superintendent

1.1.5. Competency of Contracted Personnel: The contractor must be able to speak, read and write English fluently. A test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) score of at least 860 or equivalent certificate is required for non-native English speakers. The contractor must have previous experience teaching in a Protestant religious education program in a church or chapel setting. A bachelor’s degree in religious education is preferred but not required. Contractor must be able to use Microsoft Windows OS and Office computer programs effectively (e.g. Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint). Contractor must be able to work comfortably and communicate effectively ensuring a culture of respect in a pluralistic, ecumenical, multi-cultural, and multi-faith military environment. The contractor must have an understanding of Christian worshiping communities and
religious requirements. Familiarity and experience with military chapel programs is highly desirable. Provide all information necessary for background investigation to include an Installation Records Check (AF Form 2583), proof of a completed Child Care National Agency Check and Inquiries (CNACI). In addition, this includes the following: Personal/Security Questionnaire, National Security Agency Check Questionnaire, Background Check Permission Slip (Name, SSN, Signature) and fingerprinting. DODI 1402.5. In accordance with DODI 1402.5, a Criminal History Background Check must be accomplished for all individuals working with children. Consent to
the background check is mandatory. Failure to consent to the background check will be grounds for immediate cancellation of the contract at no further cost to the Government.

1.1.6. Contractor Points of Contact: The contractor shall provide the Contracting Officer and the Protestant chaplain with any changes to his current address, telephone numbers, and email address. He/she will also provide the names of a primary and alternate point of contact with telephone numbers, in case of emergency.

1.1.7. Performance: The services shall be performed in conjunction with scheduled parish and religious education activities and in cooperation with the Government Representative. The contractor must maintain a posted schedule to ensure availability to staff and parishioners during office hours. This schedule will be coordinated with the Government Representative. The work week is defined as Monday through Friday, from the hours of 0730-1630. The contractor must also be present when the Protestant community gathers to maximize recruiting effort and to coordinate and advertise for future events. Duties and responsibilities will average between 15-20 hours per week.

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