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Certified Court Reporter - Onling Video

Kadena Air Base, Okinawa
Certified Court Reporter Okinawa

My name is Kirk Sheppard, owner of On Time Staffing, my company support the US government contracts. The US government reached out to me to find a reliable, steady court reporter service that can provide online video service.  and to transcribe a Government hearing conducted via online video service.

1. Records testimony in various types of courtroom proceedings verbatim using a stenotype machine
or computer-aided transcription machine.
2. Reads back portions of transcript during trial as requested.
3. Edits, proofreads, and produces certified written and electronic verbatim transcripts.
4. Responds to inquiries and correspondence from judiciary, attorneys, coworkers and the general public.
5. Performs administrative duties as required, such as billing for transcripts, completing record-keeping forms,
documenting information contained in reports and maintaining records according to statutory requirements.
6. Purchase and maintain all equipment and software.


Okinawa: 098-978-3054
Misawa: 090-7586-4400
Yokosuka: 080-6490-3054

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