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PACAF Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Services

Andersen AB (Joint Region Marianas/JRM/Guam), Joint Base Pearl H, Okinawa
This requirement calls for the Contractor to assist the Government with completion of Integrated Defense Risk Management Process (IDRMP) assessments, and the verification, accuracy check, and update as necessary of existing Integrated Defense Plans (IDP) and to provide FORCEPRO Software Program Training for PACAF Installations at locations to include; Andersen AB (Joint Region Marianas/JRM/Guam), Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (Hawaii), Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER/Alaska) and Eielson AFB (Alaska), Osan AB, Kunsan AB (Korea); Misawa AB, Kadena AB, and Yokota AB (Japan). Additionally, the Contractor shall provide specific training services at PACAF bases, enabling Government personnel to meet new and continuous Air Force mandated training requirements consisting of a special skill set not readily available in the Security Forces' career field. The Contractor shall conduct FORCEPRO Training, an IDRMP assessment of the installation and shall develop individual operational level installation plans. The Contractor must ensure plans meet requirements for the Department of Defense and Air Force instructions for both Integrated Defense (ID) and Anti-Terrorism (AT) Plans at each individual installation. These assessments and plans shall be developed and delivered by the Contractor as independent articles and must be able to act as standalone documents and actionable plans. The existing plans for PACAF installations shall be incorporated to the maximum extent practicable.

This requirement supports PACAF Headquarters, PACAF & Joint Bases, airfields, installations, and early warning detection sites of consequence within the PACAF AOR to provide Integrated Defense Risk Management Process Assessments, Integrated Defense Plan/Antiterrorism Plan technical review and validation, FORCEPRO Software Program Training, Antiterrorism/Force Protection Training, Fly-Away Security Team Training, Intelligence Preparation of the Operating Environment Course, provide technical expertise and coordination for the implementation of the PACAF Regional Training Center Program, and On-site Program Management. The Contractor shall assist the Government with completing an IDRMP assessment to verify and update unified ID and AT plan for specified PACAF installations using the Air Force’s FORCEPRO software. This software shall be provided by the Government at no cost and shall be used as the primary standardized automated methodology for risk analysis and decision support and for the FORCEPRO Training

2.1. Integrated Defense Risk Management Process Assessments: The Contractor shall employ a Mobile Training Team of personnel capable of conducting an IDRMP at specified PACAF installations and identified locations. The Government shall notify the Contractor of the assessment schedule NLT 45 days prior to the first assessment scheduled. The Government may schedule more than one concurrent assessment for sites located within close proximity to one another. The Contractor shall ensure the IDRMP complies with Air Force guidance prescribed in Chapter 3 of AFI 31-101, Integrated Defense. The Defense Force Commander (DFC) and Antiterrorism Officer shall provide local threat analysis information to the Contractor upon arrival. The Contractor shall ensure the final IDRMP report includes an Executive Summary along with FORCEPRO-driven supporting attachments for the Asset Criticality Assessment, Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Assessment, Course of Action Development and an overall Risk Summary. Reports shall be classified in accordance with appropriate DoD classification guides. The Contractor shall provide the DFC with final product(s) for review/approval IAW PWS paragraph 4, Deliverables. Classified documents and/or reports shall be appropriately marked in accordance with applicable classification marking guidelines. The DFC shall provide feedback to the Contractor with suggested changes and/or additions to the report NLT 20 work days after receipt. Upon receiving comments, Contractor shall have 20 business days to make corrections and deliver final product to the DFC.

2.1.1. Personnel must possess and maintain a minimum of a SECRET security clearance and be eligible for Special Intel/Talent Keyhole/HUMINT Control System (SI/TK/HCS) access. The Contractor must have a SECRET facility clearance. At no time shall the Contractor be required to produce, store, or transport TOP SECRET information. A TOP SECRET clearance is only required for the IDRMP Team Chief, and one additional team member as they will be required to view TS information as part of their assessments. The remainder of the IDRMP team must consist of personnel holding at least a SECRET security clearance.
2.1.2. The Contractor shall conduct a training course with up to 20 critical installation subject matter experts (SME) on the FORCEPRO program. The training shall adequately prepare the Government trainees in the process of updating the IDRMP reports periodically until the Contractor’s next iteration. The Contractor is responsible for providing and transporting all training material to the site.

2.5. On-Site Support to HQ PACAF/A7S
2.5.1. The Contractor shall provide Monday through Friday (0730-1630), excluding Federal Holidays, on-site Program Management Support for the contract activities and provide technical expertise for coordination, management and implementation of the PACAF Regional Training Center (RTC) Program. Service consist of a diverse series of project management tasks such as submitting monthly status reports by the fifth working day of the following month to the Contracting Officers Representative. Process Contractor travel orders and obtain LOI from Contracting Officer, updating the Contractor Travel Spreadsheet and keeping a record of all travel orders and authorizations. Supports MAJCOM Staff Office Functions by advising on the development of staff packages, correspondence, or briefings related to the PACAF Regional Training Center and functional area program management within the Security Forces Plans section.

Okinawa: 098-978-3054
Misawa: 090-7586-4400
Yokosuka: 080-6490-3054

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