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Safety Support Clerk

Kadena AB, Okinawa
On Time Staffing is looking for one full time equivalent Medical Safety Support Administrator (MSS) within the 18 MDSS Facility Management Flight. The MSS Admin shall provide services for the 18th Medical Group


EXPERIENCE:  Similar work experience within the last 10 years at a CONUS or a local Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) of at least 200,000 cumulative square feet and over 500 people assigned or credentials as a Certified Healthcare Safety Professional, or Certified Safety Engineer, or NFPA certified.

The Contractor shall oversee all aspects of facility safety by assisting in assigning work, setting priorities, preparing schedules, and developing/executing safety plans for the entire MTF campus. The Contractor shall investigate and analyze mishaps and hazardous conditions to determine origin, causes and contributing elements. The Contractor shall compile and analyze mishap data, identify trends, and develop recommendations to reduce or eliminate mishaps. The Contractor shall implement mitigation plans for the removal of physical, biological, and chemical hazards and monitor the training of MTF employees on safety, policies, and regulations for all hazards.


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