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Yokota AB, Fussa

VIDEOGRAPHER  Job Opening - Yokota

We are looking for an independent Videographer who is willing to support Yokota Marketing.  You will need your own equipment and supplies. 

Takes routine pictures or videos in situations where several shots/video can be taken. Videographers record important events using camera, lighting, and audio equipment to create short films and document events.  Videographers support pictures for identification, employee publications, information, or publicity purposes. Typical subjects are employees who are videoed or photographed for identification, award ceremonies, interviews, banquets or meetings; or external views of machinery, supplies, equipment, building, damaged shipments, or other subjects.  Assignments usually are performed without direct guidance due to the clear and simple nature of the desired video or photograph.

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Okinawa: 098-978-3054
Misawa: 090-7586-4400
Yokota: 098-978-3054

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